Carlton Baths Pride Party 2023

Join us in celebrating the Queer community and allies at the Carlton Baths Pride Party on Sunday 29 January 2023.

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Our personal trainers have a passion for health and wellness.

Our trainers will help you achieve your fitness goals. They are here to help you peruse or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Many of our trainers also have qualifications in special fields such as rehabilitation, pre and post-natal fitness, youth exercise and working with older adults. Working with a personal trainer will boost your confidence in the gym, refine your technique, and help you reach your fitness goals sooner.

With ongoing training, your personal trainer will:

  • develop an individualised program for you;
  • work with you to provide support and keep you motivated;
  • ensure you learn the correct form and technique;
  • monitor and measure your progress over time;
  • adjust your training program to keep you interested and challenged.


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Book now to kick-starting your fitness journey with a personal trainer, fill out the enquiry form on this page and one of our friendly customer service members will get in touch.


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