Competition details:


Carlton Primary School - corner of Drummond St & Palmerston St, Carlton VIC 3053


Wednesday and Thursday


6:15pm - 8:55pm 

Skill level:

Social – all are welcome!

Start date:

Week beginning October 7

End date: 

Week beginning December 9

Registration fee:

$82.30 per team

Match fee:

$69.20 per team per week

Click here to register your team for an upcoming season, you will need the following:

  • Team name
  • Names of all team members
  • Emails of all team members
  • Mobile numbers of all team members

Teams will not be accepted and you will not be able to get to the check-out page without these details.  Please have them handy with you when you are entering your team details.  
Make sure you have read and understood the rules and regulations for basketball or netball below.

Please be aware that your team captain must sign off on the competition Terms & Conditions when registering.  We recommend you familiarize yourself with our stadium policies below. Please note that we recommend all players to have their own private medical insurance as Carlton Baths only has Public Liability insurance.

If you are an individual looking to join a team, please follow this link and register your details here.

  • Basketball Rules and Regulations


    • No player shall be allowed to score more than 10 points in any one game. If, however a player on 9 points scores a field goal the full value of the field goal shall be recognized. A player on 9 points fouled in the act of shooting is eligible to shoot the following free throws. A player on 9 points who is fouled in the act of shooting where the goal is successful may also shoot the bonus free throw. A player on 10 points that is fouled when the ninth team bonus situation applies must nominate an eligible teammate to take the penalty free throws. Players on 10 points will only be allowed to score a further 10 points when all teammates eligible to play have scored 10 points.
    • All jump balls will be contested in the center circle.
    • In the event of a drawn game the result will stand unless the tie occurs in a final in which case an overtime period of 5 minutes will be played during which each team will maintain their scoring end and all player fouls and points will stand.
    • All other rules of basketball will apply. 
    • Each team must supply a competent scorer (16 years & over) for their game. If a team is unable to provide a scorer, that team cannot dispute the score.
    • It is acceptable for only one team to provide a scorer providing both teams are in agreeance
    • If both teams cannot provide a scorer, the referee will score using the scoreboard.
    • All team captains must sign the bottom of the scoresheet at the conclusion of the game, confirming the scores. Any disputes with the scores can be made to the referees on the day who will make a decision. Should a decision not be made, it can then be directed to the Programs Team Leader by the captains of the teams.
    • Any disputes or complaints must be made in writing and addressed to ‘Programs Team Leader at Carlton Baths’

    MIXED BASKETBALL RULES (additional):

    • For the first half of the game all female players shall be regarded as restricted players, for the second half of the game all male players will be deemed restricted. Restricted players may move through the key at either end of the court but must not impact on the ball or play, ie: must not screen, rebound, block, pass, receive or interfere with the ball. Restricted players are allowed to land in the key on the follow through from a pass or shot but must leave the key area immediately after. Restricted players are allowed to carry, or defend the ball through the key only when that play occurs in the offensive team’s backcourt following a score or in bound pass. 
    • Any infringement of the restricted player rule will result in a violation with the opposing team awarded the ball at the end line. A deliberate violation of the restricted player rule will be penalized by an automatic 2 points, followed by possession at the end line to the offending team.  
    • Any combination of male and female players shall be allowed to line up for free throws, but restricted players are not allowed to enter the key.


    • Carlton Baths court is an enclosed court.
    • The basketball rings at each end will be raised
    • No food/drink is to be brought into the stadium apart from player water bottles.
    • All spectators, players and belongings need to be kept either in lockers at the centre or under the benches courtside for safety reasons. Water will be permitted on sidelines

    This game is aimed to create a fun, friendly team sport with a competitive edge.  Rules were designed to keep the game fair & in control and must be adhered to very closely.

    In 2019, Carlton Baths have implemented a yellow and red card system. Yellow and red cards will be used for any players/spectators not adhering to our rules and regulations. A yellow card will act as an initial warning. The player/spectator will be recorded as receiving a yellow card and documented by management. A red card will result in ejection from the facility. The player/spectator will be reported to management and will have to follow due process prior to playing again in the competition.

    Team spectators wishing to support their team, must act in a quiet and civil manner at all times. Spectators must not interfere or be distracting towards referees/officials and/or players. They will be asked to vacate the building.

    There will be no excuse for any violent behaviour or swearing. This will NOT be tolerated. If a player(s) wishes to spoil it for the rest of their team and are found guilty of misconduct. The Penalties will be harsher than expected.

    Player(s) will be sent off and suspended. The Team(s) will be disqualified and will lose on forfeit. There is No Exception to this rule. We suggest if a player(s) cannot abide by the Rules and By-Laws of the game, they should not play at all.

    We expect everyone to play the game in a Sportsmanship manner with no dramas and to enjoy yourselves playing Basketball at Carlton Baths. If you have anything to say constructively about improving the competition we are more than happy to hear the feedback at any time.

  • Stadium Policies
    The following Policies for Stadium Sports at Carlton Baths are accepted upon the payment of registration.

    1. Cancellation Policies

     If a match is cancelled due to extreme weather, then all matches will be rescheduled to be played on anther available day during the season. Should venue availability lapse three weeks, a draw game will be resulted.

     If teams are unavailable to play rescheduled matches, then the forfeit penalty will apply in regards to points.

     If a rescheduled game is cancelled due to wet/hot weather unavailability of the venue, then all matches will not be rescheduled a second time. This will result in a drawn game.

    2. Privacy Policies

     The YMCA acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. The information that is being collected on our documents is for the purposes of processing your enrolment in the Carlton Baths Community Centre’s Stadium Sports Program, providing you with updated information, collecting statistical data for assisting us improve our services to you. The intended recipients of this information are the YMCA, its staff and contracted service providers. You have the right to access and alter personal information concerning yourself in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (Amended 2001) and YMCA Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to be sent any further promotional material or have your information disclosed to strategic partners such as the City of Melbourne, or any other third party please inform us on your registration form. Your name will be removed from the mailing list within a reasonable period of time.

     To  update  your  contact details  please send  your  name,  address,  mobile  phone  number,  email address to or phone 9347 3677

     Those wishing to be added or removed from the Carlton Baths mailing list should email this request to or phone 9347 3677

    3. Right to use Image Policy

     In participating in Carlton Baths Community Centre’s activities, the participant hereby grants permission to  YMCA  Victoria,  the  right  to  use their  physical  likeness  without  restriction  in  any promotion or promotional material created by or for the Carlton Baths program or related promotions, and grant unlimited use of the participant's image for this purpose only.

    4. Refund Policy

     Carlton Baths Community Centre requires full payment of the registration fee upon registration for the competition. All transactions are made in Australian Dollars ($AUD).

     Carlton Baths will only refund teams registered in the competition who notify them in writing prior to round one of the season or the start of the competition. No refunds will be given thereafter.

     No refunds will be given for forfeited games and or games that are cancelled.

     5. Risk Management

     It is highly recommended that all participants have personal health insurance and ambulance membership to cover any accident or injury incurred during participation in Carlton Baths Community Centre’s activities. We encourage all participants to engage in regular physical activity. We recommend to all participants to allow time for warm up, stretches and cooling down each time they’re involved.


    I, in consideration of, and as a condition of, acceptance of my entry in this activity, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, hereby waive all and any claim, right or cause of action which I or they might otherwise have for arising out of loss of my life or injury, damage or loss of any description whatsoever which I may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequent upon my entry or participation in - the said activity. I will abide by the Sports Rules.

    This waiver, release and discharge shall be and operate separately in favour of the persons, corporation and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in promotion or staging the event and the servants, agents, representatives and officers of any of them.

    I recognise the physical risks associated with this event and declare that I am physically fit to compete safely in this activity and I have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.

    I hereby acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and athletic equipment during the activity.

    I hereby acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for the costs associated with my transportation, in the case of an injury or accident.

    I hereby acknowledge that I have disclosed all information requested on the entry form.