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The Carlton Baths Health Club is undergoing an upgrade and will reopen on Monday 3 June 2024. We will be running an amended group fitness timetable.

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Social Mixed Basketball runs on Wednesday and Thursday nights and is open to anyone who would like to be active and have fun!

See below for Season Two 2023 details:

Night Competition Start date Duration
Wednesday night Mixed basketball indoor Week of 10 July 23 22 weeks including finals
Thursday night Mixed basketball indoor Week of 10 July 23 22 weeks including finals

Individual Registration 

If you are an individual looking to join a team, please follow this link and register your details here.

  • Basketball Rules & Guidelines
    Download the Basketball Rules & Guidelines.


    Each competition will be played in a round robin format, with one week of finals at the conclusion of
    the season

    • Games will not be played on Public Holidays.
    • Carlton Baths Management shall arrange and control all competition games within the Centre.
    • A fixture will be made available on the Carlton Baths website before the first week of games. The
      fixture may be updated as the season progresses. In this instance, team contacts will be informed
      at the earliest opportunity.
    • Registrations will be accepted until the end of Round 5, unless filled prior, at which time
      registrations will close and the fixture confirmed for the remainder of the season.
    • In the event that there are irregular numbers of byes for each team, final ladder positions will be
      calculated on average of points per games played.
    • A match ball and score sheets will be provided.


    • Matches shall comprise of 2 x 18 minute halves, with a two-minute break for half time.
    • Between each game there will be only be a two-minute break.
    • Teams will be issued a warning if they are not in positions thirty seconds into a half. If the team has
      not taken the court after one minute a 2-point penalty will apply, and an additional 2-point penalty
      applied for each minute thereafter.
    • On arrival the team captain will pay the game fee in full and tick off all the players playing on the
      score sheet.
    • Details including first name, surname and player number must be on the score sheet before play
    • At the conclusion of the match, captains must sign the score sheet before leaving. If the score sheet
      has not been signed, teams will not be able to challenge scores or game play.


    • Each team must consist of 5 players on the court
    • The minimum number of players in order to start a game is 4.
    • Only 5 substitution players may take part in any one game.
    • Players must be at least 16 years of age to participate in games.
    • You cannot have more than 3 male identifying players on the court at any one time.
    • You cannot have more than 3 female identifying players on the court at any one time.
    • Any person wishing to discuss gender diversity/their role in a team can contact the Sport & Community Engagement Coordinator to have a safe discussion.


    • If a team does not have enough players, they will be allowed to call in substitute players from other
      teams or anyone else who does not play at the centre. They can call upon as many substitute
      players as they wish as long as the team on the night does not exceed 10 players.
    • Substitute players must have their names entered on the team sheet and have signed the team
      registration sheet before being able to play.
    • Substitute players from other registered teams in the competition will not be able to play for a team
      have made the finals (In finals games, players can only play for the team they are registered in).
    • Substitute players still need to have the correct uniform to field the court. A 2-point penalty will be
      incurred for each item of incorrect uniform.


    • Each team must supply a competent scorer (16 years & over) for their game. If a team is unable to
      provide a scorer, that team cannot dispute the score.
    • It is acceptable for only one team to provide a scorer providing both teams are in agreeance
    • If both teams cannot provide a scorer, the referee will score using the scoreboard.
    • Points are awarded in the following manner:
    1. Win 3 points
    2. Loss 1 point
    3. Draw 2 point
    4. Bye 2 points
    5. Forfeit
    6. Against
    7. 3 points
    8. Forfeit For 0 points


    • If there is a colour clash centre bibs can be worn during the match.
    • In an event of similar coloured bibs/ shirts our referees may deem it necessary to supply a team
      with a set of centre bibs to make calling the game easier, at no cost to the teams.
    • Shorts/tights are not to have any pockets.
    • All caps & jewellery must be removed before going on court.
    • A match ball and score sheets will be provided.


    • In the event of a team wanting to forfeit, notice must be given to the Centre 48 hours in advance to
      the scheduled match. If the appropriate notice is given, the forfeiting team will be required to pay
      regular game fees for that match ($69.20). These fees must be paid prior to the next match the
      team plays. The opposing team will be awarded 3 premiership points. Forfeits within the 48-hour
      time frame will be required to pay a forfeit fee of $138.40
    • If 4 or more players are not in position and ready to play after the siren sounds for the
      commencement of the match, the opposing team with 5 players in position will be awarded 2 points
      every 1 minute.
    • If neither team has 4 players in position after 10 minutes, both teams will then forfeit the match and
      fees will not be returned. Zero points will be awarded to both teams.
    • If a team should forfeit more than 3 times in a season, they will be contacted by the competitions
    • In the event of a forfeit, the Centre is only responsible for contacting the captain of the teams NOT
      the whole team. In the event the centre is unable to contact the captain the centre will make an
      effort to contact another team member, but will not take any responsibility or guarantee contact will
      be made.


    A team wishing to protest must:

    • Not sign the score sheet and notify the supervisor on duty
    • Protests must be put in writing and handed to the administrator within 48 hours of the match being
      played (includes email).
    • The administrator will advise the teams of the result of the appeal and the decision will be final.


    • Finals will occur after the conclusion of the season.
    • Only fully financial teams are eligible to play in the finals matches.
    • Players must have played a minimum of 7 matches to qualify for the grand-final match.
    • In the event of teams being level on points, their position on the ladder will be determined by the
      percentage of goals scored for and against.
    • In the event of a draw in any finals match, after a 2-minute break, teams shall play for a further 3
      minutes at each end.
    • If teams are still drawn after this, a 2-minute break will be given, and then teams will play until either
      team is 4 points ahead.


    • No player shall be allowed to score more than 10 points in any one game. If, however a player on 9
      points scores a field goal the full value of the field goal shall be recognized. A player on 9 points fouled
      in the act of shooting is eligible to shoot the following free throws. A player on 9 points who is fouled in
      the act of shooting where the goal is successful may also shoot the bonus free throw. A player on 10
      points that is fouled when the ninth team bonus situation applies must nominate an eligible teammate to
      take the penalty free throws. Players on 10 points will only be allowed to score a further 10 points when
      all teammates eligible to play have scored 10 points.
    • All jump balls will be contested in the centre circle.
    • In the event of a drawn game the result will stand unless the tie occurs in a final in which case an
      overtime period of 5 minutes will be played during which each team will maintain their scoring end and
      all player fouls and points will stand.
    • All other rules of basketball will apply.
    • It is acceptable for only one team to provide a scorer providing both teams are in agreeance
    • If both teams cannot provide a scorer, the referee will score using the scoreboard.
    • All team captains must sign the bottom of the scoresheet at the conclusion of the game, confirming the
      scores. Any disputes with the scores can be made to the referees on the day who will make a decision.
      Should a decision not be made, it can then be directed to the Programs Team Leader by the captains of
      the teams.
    • Any disputes or complaints must be made in writing and addressed to ‘Sport & Community Engagement
      Coordinator’ at Carlton Baths.


    • Each half will feature ‘restricted players’ who are not permitted to enter the key.
    • Restricted players are grouped as either a Male Identifying Person (MIP) or Female Identifying Person
    • You must have 2 restricted players on the court at all times.
    • Each week, the referees will inform the teams at the beginning of the game which half the restricted
      players will be enforced.
    • It is recognised that not all people align with MIP or FIP. It is the personal choice of the player which half
      they will be restricted and identification within this restriction is solely by a colour coordinated Velcro
    • Every player MUST be restricted for one half of the match. You cannot change in and out of being
      restricted during the half, only at half time.
    • The restricted players will wear a colour coordinated Velcro band to identify within their team and group.
    • Restricted players may move through the key at either end of the court but must not impact on the ball
      or play, ie: must not screen, rebound, block, pass, receive or interfere with the ball. Restricted players
      are allowed to land in the key on the follow through from a pass or shot but must leave the key area
      immediately after. Restricted players are allowed to carry, or defend the ball through the key only when
      that play occurs in the offensive team’s backcourt following a score or inbound pass.
    • Any infringement of the restricted player rule will result in a violation with the opposing team awarded
      the ball at the end line. A deliberate violation of the restricted player rule will be penalized by an
      automatic 2 points, followed by possession at the end line to the offending team.
    • Any player shall be allowed to line up for free throws, but restricted players are not allowed to enter the


    • Carlton Baths has one indoor and one outdoor court.
    • The basketball rings at each end will be raised
    • No food/drink is to be brought into the stadium apart from player water bottles.
    • All spectators, players and belongings need to be kept either in lockers at the centre or under the
      benches courtside for safety reasons. Water will be permitted on sidelines


    • This game is aimed to create a fun, friendly team sport with a competitive edge. Rules were designed to
      keep the game fair & in control and must be adhered to very closely.
    • Team spectators wishing to support their team, must act in a quiet and civil manner at all times.
      Spectators must not interfere or be distracting towards referees/officials and/or players. They will be
      asked to vacate the building.
    • There will be no excuse for any violent behaviour or swearing. This will NOT be tolerated. If a player(s)
      wishes to spoil it for the rest of their team and are found guilty of misconduct. The Penalties will be
      harsher than expected.
    • Player(s) will be sent off and suspended. The Team(s) will be disqualified and will lose on forfeit. There
      is no exception to this rule. We suggest if a player(s) cannot abide by the Rules and By-Laws of the
      game, they should not play at all.
    • We expect everyone to play the game in a Sportsmanship manner with no dramas and to enjoy
      yourselves playing Basketball at Carlton Baths. If you have anything to say constructively about
      improving the competition, we are more than happy to hear the feedback at any time.

    Terms & Conditions - Stadium Sports