We run a range of education programs at Carlton Baths.

Programs include Kinder Circus and Ready Steady Go Kids. Our care and education philosophy focuses on identity, connection, wellbeing, learning and communication. This is brought to life by our fully qualified team of educators.

  • Kinder Circus

    An innovative physical skills class for 3-5 year old children combining gym and circus skills.

    Kinder Circus is an innovative physical skills class for 3-5 year old children combining gym and circus skills.

    Children learn a whole range of skills improving balance, strength and coordination in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment.

    We use trapezes, aerial rings, tight wire, ropes and swing harnesses as well as a lot of gymnastics equipment. Activities include circus performance, gymnastics, acrobatics, aerial skills, balance, juggling games and play.

    The program is an independent one where children participate without their parents, allowing them to gain physical skills and confidence.

    Booking Information

    Bookings and enquiries
    For bookings and further information, please contact Kinder Circus directly.

    Email:  kindercircus@netspace.net.au
    Ph: 0407 992 272

    Session Information

    Class times

    Classes run for one hour each week during the school term.


    • 10am - 11am 3-4 year olds
    • 11am - 12pm 4-5 year olds


    • 10am - 11am 3-4 year olds
    • 11am - 12pm 4-5 year olds
  • Ready Steady Go Kids
    Ready Steady Go Kids is a multi-sport program offered for children aged 2.5 to 6 years at Carlton Baths.

    The program incorporates the skills of soccer, tennis, hockey, AFL, cricket, athletics, basketball, rugby, golf and T-ball. Each class is taught by qualified instructors with early childhood and coaching experience.

    The Ready Steady Go Kids program is designed to develop gross and fine motor skills and enhance hand-eye and foot-eye coordination with the goal of being able to tackle tasks independently. The program incorporates skills such as cooperation, concentration, listening, following directions, sportsmanship and basic concepts of colours, numbers and shapes.

    By introducing sport in a structured, inclusive, fun and non-competitive environment we hope to build a life-long passion for being physically active.

    We offer a FREE trial class to come and experience our program before you commit.

    Session Information


    • 9am Get Ready (1.5-2.5 years)
    • 9.30am Get Ready (1.5-2.5 years)
    • 10am Ready Group (2.5 -3 years)
    • 10.45am Steady Group (3-4 years)


    • 9am Ready Group (2.5-3 years)
    • 9.45am Steady Group (3-4 years)
    • 10.30am Go Group (4-6 years)
    • 11.30am  Go Group (4-6 years)


    Visit their website to find out more information: www.readysteadygokids.com.au

    To enrol call 1300 766 892 or jump online at www.readysteadygokids.com.au/enrol

  • Soccer Time Kids

    Soccer Time Kids is loved by thousands of toddlers and their families every week. Our soccer for kids programs are based sport activities that concentrates on cognitive learning, gross motor skills as well as developing social skills. 
    As an educational soccer for kids program, we have researched coaching approaches, early years learning and development outcomes as well as cognitive development methods that are specific to preschool aged children.

    These developmental areas are:

    • Gross motor skills
    • Cognitive learning and
    • The building of social relationships

    All our soccer for kids programs are indoors and last a duration of 45 minutes. 


    We have created a toddler soccer program that is relevant for each age group, providing sport drills, which are achievable for that age bracket. 

    • 9.30am - Koalas (1 - 2.5yo) - These sessions concentrate on basic motor skill development using only beginner ball skills.
    • 10.15am Emus (2.5 - 3.5yo) - Emus start to learn how to control and pass the soccer ball by using two different parts of the foot.
    • 11.00 am - Joeys (3.5 - 5yo) - Joey sessions focus on more advanced soccer skills whilst encouraging social independence. 

    Contact Us

    Phone: 1300 476 223

    Email: info@soccertimekids.com.au 

    Book in: https://sportstaracademy.com/soccer-time-kids